Bronco Mascot Clipart

The Bronco Mascot Clipart set features over 50 illustrations of a cartoon horse designed for use as an elementary school mascot. The kid-friendly mascot is a departure from the traditional, mean and aggressive mascots used in many schools. The idea is for the elementary school to use the Bronco mascot to make their school more engaging and inclusive to young students.

Bronco Mascot Clipart Images
The Bronco Mascot Clipart Set includes more than fifty illustrations.

The bronco mascot clipart illustrations come in png format, with a clear background, and are easily used with popular programs from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and Google. Each image comes in low and high resolution formats. Use the low resolution clipart images for web sites and whenever load speed is a factor. Use the high resolution images for print applications and whenever high quality is a priority.

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